Complete fiction list

This includes smut 🙂

  • A Single Pass Ouroboros
    Contains: Cannibalism, butchery, torture, self harm, as a metaphor for deriving sustenance through the deconstruction of one’s own past, transformation
  • Suited
    A dense egg dons the mask Contains consensual non-con. Suiting, “possession”, transformation, medical misconduct, medical roleplay
  • Skill Issue
    My wings ache and my back still feels weird.
  • I Thought I was Chasing You
    I thought I was chasing you. When I saw you for the first time, your dark brown hair in the golden light, the softness of your smile and the brightness in your eyes, I knew I had to have you. I was hungry after all. I chased you around until you were turned around. Somehow… Read more: I Thought I was Chasing You
  • The Maiden in the Flesh
    She speaks in a voice of honey and gristle.
  • Foxes Make Poor Pets
    We should get going. She liked being able to reach the top shelf a lot.
  • Just Telemetry
    Making a better imitation wouldn’t challenge it if she did want that, but, it knows that that lack of some ‘humanness’ was one of the things that she cherished in it.
  • Coming In
    I could feel my teeth setting in, but I couldn’t sate myself around her.
  • 2nd person tf fic
    Contains: 2nd person erotica, bad semi-philosophical rambling, pointlessly colorful writing, non consensual furry transformation and sex, transgender bullshit
  • Discontent
    Shi scratches hir face, frowning as hir hand runs across the still too human contours of hir jaw. Shi looks at hir hands and rubs them, sore. Everything was coming up fine, according to hir doctors. Things proceeding slightly quickly, not outside the error bars of the average range though. Hir ears were pointed, longer.… Read more: Discontent
  • Human Replacement Therapy
    “So,” My dad says, “you’re really sure you want to go through with this? I understand that it has effects that are irreversible past a certain point” His eyes are full of concern. It is misplaced concern, I think, but I can tell he is trying to be as kind to my ambitions as he… Read more: Human Replacement Therapy
  • The Sunlight
    This place has no rain. Nothing to block the suns above it. Just a baked hot surface, scarred by the thermal stresses of the heaving that occurred prior to the falling of the system into this configuration. Luckily, without an atmosphere, all I need is a wide, reflective parasol and more patience than our forebearers… Read more: The Sunlight
  • Rich and Warm and Light and Toxic
    The sun is warm and the air is humid. The sky is a rust color overhead, it’s not a very friendly atmosphere, but hospitable enough as a facsimile. Beneath the toxic atmosphere an ecology of immense volatility blossomed and sputtered and fell prey to the sort of cycles that ecosystems have that degrade their condition… Read more: Rich and Warm and Light and Toxic
  • Navigation failure
    The darkness between the stars is very cold. And here I sit equidistant between a star and its companion matter sphere that cannot rightly be called a star as it is practically beyond fusion. It shines like a beacon, a cleansing swath of light and harder stuff and power that I can only just survive,… Read more: Navigation failure
  • The Village beneath the Flower
    Beneath the sky flower where posthumans lived free of constraint of form or life was a village as old as the flower itself, though Laura, as she would have preferred to be known, thought that the village looked a bit dingy and run down. She wasn’t sure that it had an age of former glory,… Read more: The Village beneath the Flower
  • Identity Rules
    contains: Graphic descriptions of suicide, force femming, identity replacement(mindwipe), transformation, body horror(insects) Sorry this took so long, we were dithering on other projects on and off for the last few months. How can it matter who he is? He is one among billions of people, all of whom have their own desires, needs, wants, and… Read more: Identity Rules
  • Retrocausal
    Contains: HRT (To the point of wish-granting), retrocausal nonsense January 20th, 2021, Iteration 1 (Appointment 1) “Alright Miss… Connors, I understand that you have been informed about the potential side effects, social effects, and potential medical problems you might experience if you go through with this course of treatment?” A doctor that she hadn’t yet… Read more: Retrocausal
  • Responsibility
    Contains: Intra-system flirting, slightly lewd, but not quite smut, science fiction The machine expands downwards, digging through a tiny tube, through the foundation into the ground beneath, expanding outwards as the roots of a tree do, ever seeking the elements that it requires. The difference from this and an oak is that the roots aren’t… Read more: Responsibility
  • Gatsby And The Bulgy Wulgy
    Blame this on Sierra, but know that this would’ve happened regardless. It was a practically a promise. Contains: Furry road head, lesbiab, Gatsby derived work, unsafe driving, light musk Jay Gatsby clasped her paws with Daisy’s as they left the restaurant. This was something of a change for them both. They shared warm looks between… Read more: Gatsby And The Bulgy Wulgy
  • Replicating Machines
    Contains: dubious consent, blase mind alteration, genital growth, hyper, furry shit, plural weirdness
  • Machine Kingdom
    Everything is fuzzy. The world refuses to focus properly, what little we glean from what we see at first is nothing like the room we fell asleep in. It is white, and fairly bright. It wasn’t even a little bit off white like the room we had slept in. We force ourselves to blink. Slowly… Read more: Machine Kingdom