Skill Issue

My wings ache and my back still feels weird. My wife grabs a breast and fondles me, I stiffen between my legs and she bats at it the way that kitties tend to. I feel a heat between my legs and dizzy warm half-dreams of being taken swim through my brain.

Ever since I started taking estrogen for my transition I’ve experienced an estrous cycle.

I grind into my wife’s paw, feeling my shaft pulse languidly, if my wife kept it up the pulse wouldn’t be so languid and the grinding would be called ‘thrusting’. But while it was wonderful and felt nice, it wouldn’t quite do anything to calm that ceaseless urge. I’m a girl after all, and so far as my girl bat brain knows, impregnation comes from penetration. Or maybe it just made my ass feel really nice.

My wife giggles a bit as I breathe harder, she loves the little noises I make. She isn’t really available for this particular need however.

My weekly date on the other hand, is quite available for this, and for this, I thank the stars, and again for it happening today.

My girlfriend can read my needs as soon as she showed up at the door. It probably doesn’t hurt my legibility that I was still pitching a tent in my skirt. I feel the heat pounding in my face and I rub against her, relishing the slowness I am able to take in this and whisper that I need her right behind her cute fox ears. Her tail frizzes and she cups my ass, squeezing it as our tongues mingle in each other’s mouths.

She sniffs me deeply and she hugs me closer with a shudder, I can feel her dick rubbing against my leg, it rubs up along my leg. I feel myself loosen at the prospect of its welcome intrusion.

I pull her along upstairs. Dinner would have to wait.

I close the door behind us and before I know it my dress is on the ground in a pile, my tits standing out for my girlfriend to see, and hopefully squeeze until they hurt. We end up in a pile on the bed, grinding against each other at first, I slide her throbbing cock into my mouth and push down until I feel myself nearly gag. Surely I must be getting closer to conquering my gag reflex once and for all.

Her dick shines with spittle, I add lube for good measure. My ass is so tight, it stings at first. It stretches around the tapered length, and she slides into me. Her dick is hot and the way it rattles around inside me, scraping around the insides of my walls. She grabs my shoulders and thrusts into me, her claws catching on the bedsheets, compressing me onto her. My dick leaks in little spurts of precum with each slap of her against me. She finds an angle and goes for it, jabbing me much more effectively, the pointed head rubbing right up against my prostate, the little spurts became much larger. I moan, I can’t help myself.

I climax again and again, and finally I feel her cum, and felt the knot expanding in my ass. She’s lucky I’m a masochist.

The fullness, and the immobility is like the stinging after a slightly too enthusiastic scratch. I turn around and look at her very seriously, “I don’t know if it took.” I say, rubbing my stomach, “We might have to do it again.”





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