Contains consensual non-con. Suiting, “possession”, transformation, medical misconduct, medical roleplay

His costume had just come. It was a special product from a special place, very, very realistic fur, an articulated jaw made it easy and realistic to speak and a tail armature that his suit maker claimed would sway realistically.

He had been practicing his voice for the halloween party tonight.

There was something immensely pleasing about slipping into his second identity of a very sexy foxy nurse, a feminine one, with a very large feminine penis, rather unhinged at that. At least in his RPs.

The costume sat in front of him, its box slimmer than it seemed like it ought to be, a note attached to the front. A small envelope with a rather unlikely stain of lipstick, the evidence of one of the connections he has as hir.

I know you’ll love this. It’s my best work yet. You are going to be so pretty as hir. Don’t let the unreality get to you.

Just give into who you are Carmilla, I know you’ll be happy. I was.

Love you,

C. C.

Sometimes he felt like he was more alive as hir than he was as himself. The motions of daily life passed him by like wisps of fog wriggling across one’s path in the morning.

His heart thrums in his chest, and he opens it. Taking out the delicately packed head, and slipping it over his head. It fits perfectly. He clears his throat and says “Doctor Carmilla at your service” in hir voice. Spikes of euphoria slither down hir spine and shi shudders, feeling more than naked without hir fur, so shi puts on the rest of the suit.

Shi shudders as shi looks at hirself, feeling very complete, and slowly, ever so slowly, his memories fade into the depths of the subconscious, new ideas and a suspicious amount of organic chemistry bubble upwards1, and shi gets to work.

Several hours later, nothing of him remains. Shi pets hir tail as the latest batch finishes. It was a lot of work to have the best kinds of fun, but shi was well acquainted with the task, it was the basis of hir livelihood after all, but a friend would need to experience this for the first time. Hir scrubs rise at the thought.

Shi knows exactly the person shi wants to play with too. A girl who shi has known on a MUCK2 for years, who absolutely adores medical scenarios, and would jump at the possibility of making it real.

Shi hunches over his old laptop, preparations of thick fluids in syringes and poultices scattered to each side.

Welcome to the FURMUCK(FUCK)

There has been no announcements since your last login.

-- Carmilla's Clinic: Lobby --
The windows that once let natural light in have mostly been bricked up, smaller apertures with metal bars running through them remain to let light in, but the effect is muted, and lighting in the room feels very manufactured.

The room is clean compared to the outside, well maintained and sterilized. A reception desk sits with a well worn computer and printer upon it.
-- Exits --
[O] Exit [N] Clinic Hallway [E] Restroom

You send an invite to JazzFox.
Jazzfox accepts your invite.
Jazzfox enters.
<OOC> Carmilla says "Hey, is that offer of yours still open? I just got this doctor setup and “fursuit” and it looks really good on me."
<OOC> JazzFox says, "Ooh, that sounds interesting. What changed your mind? What do you mean by “fursuit” though?"
<OOC> Carmilla says "Oh you know, I’ve kinda decided to make some steps on my journey, and I feel a lot more open to the idea of actually being intimate in person. Well, you’ll have to see what I mean though"
<OOC> Jazzfox says "I’m so happy to hear that. It was so good for me too."
<OOC> Carmilla says "I think I can make your results even better ;)"
<OOC> Jazzfox says, "What? I'll have to see what you mean I guess? I don't have anything going on tonight, so what's your address again?"
<OOC> Carmilla says "I didn't think it'd be this easy"
<OOC> Jazzfox laughs "You're not the first person to say that to me"

A car parks outside hir home on the street. As per the nascent policies, there would be hell to pay if it was still there after the weekend. It disgorges the person in question, and she makes her way to the door, the lighting bringing her into truer color with every step through the dimness of twilight. Her breasts were smaller than she’d like, they had talked a lot about her transition, and shi knew every little thing that shi could help make her.

The doorbell sounds, and the fox opens the door. Shi practically towers over hir visitor, nearly a head taller. Digitigrade conversions always come with a bit of extra height, shi grins at her. The smaller woman just stares at hir for a moment, evidently stunned before saying, “You’re Carmilla huh?” Her eyes roamed hir freely, something the fox judges to be welcome.

Shi giggles, “In the very flesh. You’re Rena right?”

“What pleasant flesh it appears to be.” She touches hir arm briefly, feeling the fur, pausing at the sensation, the firmness suggesting real fur attached to real skin. Rena looks at hir hard, obviously trying to make sense of it, find that flaw that would make this impossibility vanish into deception. She fails to find it, “You… Weren’t kidding about making my transition better were you?” She swallows. Carmilla can see the envy in her eyes.

“I can in fact.”

They hash out the details. What would be done to her, how it would be done, what could go wrong3, the permanence of these actions. A certainty of suffering from a life that might change in unpredictable was as a result of attaining these fantasies, and from experiencing the upsides.

Rena is ‘admitted’ with a gentle shove onto the bed. “Please don’t! I Promise I’m well.” she struggles and works against the fox but shi is considerably larger.

More importantly it’s not like Rena really wants to win this. Her first hand is bound to the bed frame, carefully. The second is much easier to subdue after that constraint. And after that all she could do would be kicking, but, this was already sufficient, “What do you want from me?” She asks breathlessly.

“You’re just not well. We can make you all better.” Shi takes a vial out, drawing a full syringe of the cloudy, complex looking liquid within, “You’ll feel so much better when this is done.”

Shi injects it into her leg. It doesn’t feel anything like her estrogen injection. It burns immediately, it was advertised as such, but the intensity of it still leaves her stunned, sucking in ragged breaths and letting out little sounds as is spreads across her legs, culminating in a spot below her gock4.

“Oh god, I didn’t think it’d be like this”

“The treatment is very intense, don’t struggle ma’am” Shi giggles and starts to apply a second concoction to her gock itself, it feels slippery at first but her shaft rapidly dried off, or perhaps absorbed it. Soon she felt hard and hot, every pulse making it feel larger and larger, it’s so sensitive, with a well timed breeze she might just lose it.

She looks down and it’s actually the case. It’s so big, it nestles between her little breasts throbbing angrily, spilling precum without provocation.

“Oh god.”

“I can’t have you making a mess.” Shi says snippily. Shi applies something to her shaft and although it keeps on throbbing it feels numb. “Just a few more things dear”

It’s insufferable feeling like this.

Rena whimpers, Carmilla takes out a few more vials, instructing her to swallow them, which she does, everything is consuming her, nothing is real but the pulse of her heart and the way she needs to cum. An animal frenzy that finally made good on that desire to immanentize perception without cognition. Carmilla runs a claw below her testes, probing into her. The sensations sends shudders down up her spine. “You are developing very well.” Hir fingers are very moist and shi licks them clean.

She manages to speak, “God, my insurance was giving me such a hard time to get that done.”

Shi chuckles, “We have the best in rapid restructuring” Shi climbs up onto the bed, straddling her chest. Rena’s gock trembles with the stimulation, she gasps as its head nestles between the nurse’s cheeks, pressing hir scrubs into hir. Hir tail swishes. Hir tapered shaft reaches towards her mouth, it smells appealingly earthy, a deeply animal smell, her mouth starts to water.

“Just one last thing, then we can take care of you. You’re all primed and receptive to the treatment.” Shi inches forwards a little bit, “Now say ‘a’”

The foxy shaft is already moist, slippery with its own secretions, it tastes salty, like the body that exuded its coating, coated with all sorts of esoteric oils that give skin its distinctive individual scents.

It starts slowly, long pumps that give her just enough time to savor the shape of it in her mouth, and work up faster and faster. It was easy to get lost in it, the thrusting into her mouth, how her cock rubbed against Carmilla, the head buried in hir soft rear. Carmilla thrusts into her mouth, filling her with the foxy splooge5.

Rena swallows as much as she can, but it ends up spilling out her mouth and she coughs some up, a speck getting lodged in her nose.

A heat spreads across her body, “What… What’s happening now?”

“I need an assistant, and only a fox would do” Shi smiles, her canines showing prominently. It was all part of the plan, but, in truth, shi expected a real assistant out of this, for whatever purposes shi could see fit to find.

Rena’s body was very hot beneath hir. It was amazing what mitochondria could do if pushed to the limits, already she was fuzzing up. Soon enough the rest would follow. But already, the pointed tip was showing its presence, pressing into Carmilla’s rear, it is a magnificent tool, and all that work would be wasted without more thorough appreciation.

“I’m so fucking hot; I need you” She whimpers, her shaft releases a packet of precum, slicking hir in the most delightful way. The way it feels almost deliriously warm makes hir want it all the more. The fruit of hir frenzied wants and needs and the pliability of hir friend.

Shi lowers hirself down on the shaft, letting it ride up into hir. The shaft parting folds and lips, pushes into hir own stomach, and left hir feeling full of rotten heat. Her hips thrust erratically at first, spasms induced by the strength of the sensation pummeling her thoughts, but soon she regulates herself, feeling the more familiar sensation, something that she had known how to do before. A thing she had written about, fantasized about, and shared the qualia, as such as a written thing may convey such with this fox made flesh and truth. Her ears feel so sharp and fuzzy.

And she feels her brain breaking, that it would simply merge the two, fantasy and reality would simply coexist at the same time, and her wills and whims would be the motivator of her actions. That this was a life to love and enjoy.

And that her cock and box would need ever so much attention. And she would have to give into that.

Her vision shorts out as a buck turns into a final thrust, her nascent knot pushing in and making the seal inside her caregiver. With each pump of her muscles, she feels more spent, and slowly, she drifts off into a delirious sleep.

Her stirring is marked by the presence of a tail, moving ever so slowly in the depth of her sleep. She stretches, finding herself alone in the bedroom light streaming through the small gaps in the blinds. She can hear furious bubbling from the other room.

She stands up, her dick slings down halfway to her legs flaccid, but she can hardly even observe herself over her breasts. She rubs a breast, finding it full and heavy, and kneads herself a little bit, producing a small jet of white fluid, the sensation makes her wonder if there’s enough time to enjoy her body, but dithering seems like a poor choice in this strange home.

Outside her friend is now making breakfast. Pancakes apparently. Shi hums to hirself, seemingly not having heard the door to hir bedroom open. Rena approaches quietly, observing the technique for a moment before clearing her throat. Carmilla looks back at her and smiles, “I hope you slept well last night.”

Rena shrugs, her body not really having ever felt anything like this. It was… more intense. It was right somehow, and it felt like if she could just let go a bit more, it would be a garden of delight beyond imagining, a hazard for her values to some degree6. The thought is disquieting in the degree of its appeal, “I can’t really say how I feel right now.”

“Probably just the chemistry working its way out.” Shi smiles at her, and her misgivings about hir seem even less sensible somehow. Her manner was very familiar. The plates of pancakes are done soon enough.

Shi serves them on faded plastic plates, presumably bought a long time ago. The clattering of utensils on plastic is interrupted by the sort of chatter you get when you meet someone and you both know each other well, the minutiae burbling up from the gaps in a billion conversations and exchanges online, filling them in like spackle; A ghost of something from another pattern realizing itself.

In spite of the food and time that had elapsed, the fogginess and horniness in her thoughts had only escalated.

Eventually they come to a lull in the conversation, and after a few moments Carmilla examines her and says “So I was wondering, you were saying that you wanted to get out of tech?

“I kinda do yeah. I do kinda want to get into medicine, but that’s so hard.”

“I was thinking Jazz, why not start working with me?”

“I’d rather you call me Rena since we know each other.” She says, but there’s a lingering doubt, a parting of fog in a direction she had never been able to look towards, “But—”

“I don’t know, you look an awful lot like my assistant, Jazz” Shi smiles, “I know her very well. I know you love to work with me, don’t you Jazz?”

“I’m… I would love to work for you. It’d just feel so familiar” She smiles, remembering something, bringing people into the clinic, working on them, chemical smells and sanitizer. The sound of shears on bandages, the snap of restraints becoming taut. The tearing of clothing and the gnashing of teeth. Unmitigated good times.

She looks at her own arm, finding herself knowing exactly where everything in it should be, from the skeleton to the veins that run red tracery through flesh, the locations of muscles and tendons, the probability space of nerves glittering in finer lines, brachiating as they reach towards their extremes, the knowledge itself feeling puzzling to access, assembled from noise and memories fuzzed by the sheer magnitude of their irrelevance to her at the time, pulled together into a consistent pattern. Maybe. Maybe it was all going to go horribly, but… She’s a fox. She’s a fox. That wasn’t the case this time yesterday, and if the two phenomena, Carmilla and herself were related, then maybe… Maybe this knowledge could be trusted.

“We’ve been working together for a while, haven’t we Jazz?”

“Yeah, we have haven’t we, like four or five years?” She smiles, her voice bubbly. Manufactured and saccharine, just as the adjustment to hir associate had been meant to produce. “I was way less happy back then, fresh outta medical school and utterly lost under your tutelage. Gosh, we had a lot of fun at first, tuning me up.” She adjusts herself in her seat, and stares at Carmilla fixedly, her eyes never leaving hir body. Carmilla notices the stiffy pushing its way up, eventually, presumably after realizing she was staring, she says “Carmilla, I am getting a little bit distracted, and since we don’t have anything going on right now—“

Carmilla giggles, she’s still so bad at asking for what she wants, “I think I would love to help with that.” Shi smiles, getting up and walking behind her, wrapping hir arms around her, “Before we start, I should ask, what does Rena think about joining us in this?”

“She’s a little concerned about matters of licensing.” She reaches up and grabs hir arms, just savoring the contact for a moment, staring into hir eyes “But is otherwise receptive. Same as she was last night.”

She pulls hir down gently and starts to kiss hir again.

“There’s always bimbofying the medical board.” Carmilla giggles, there’s something about the way she makes the suggestion that makes Jazz suspect shi would probably enjoy actually doing that, at least if shi was a villain in an episodic cartoon where the world gets reset each week. Shi’d love to play the part of a monster, a villainess, a reshaper of the world in the most fundamental and devastating of ways, but shi would hate the consequences of actualizing those fantasies. But ultimately, that was her purpose here, in part, taming hir desires towards a more productive and, thankfully, ethical, purpose.

“Mmm, maybe we should try something else first, but that can wait.” She bits hir neck, softly at first until it draws a gasp from hir, “I need you, my good doctor.”

  1. Anything is organic chemistry when it has carbon-carbon bonds in it.
  2. Add structures and scripting to an IRC channel and you have a muck. Of course, it can grow into a MUD experience with enough software, but it was not originally designed with that in mind.
  3. The twisted flesh writhes with its own intentions separate from the mind that once commanded it.
  4. You can tell it’s feminine by the way it is.
  5. Some words exist for us to suffer after our moment in the glow.
  6. To the extent that all very strong interests that can overcome the desire to maintain one’s own well being.





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