Tag: Transformation

  • Vixen’s Vision

    This Story contains substantial sexuality, transformation, and implied mind control. I would say that this is inspired by Anti-Oedipus but it’s more concurrent with a reading of it.

  • Nondecomposable

    I was to see the future of the world and the world threw itself apart rather than subject itself to my gaze.

  • Suited

    A dense egg dons the mask Contains consensual non-con. Suiting, “possession”, transformation, medical misconduct, medical roleplay

  • The Maiden in the Flesh

    She speaks in a voice of honey and gristle.

  • Foxes Make Poor Pets

    We should get going. She liked being able to reach the top shelf a lot.

  • 2nd person tf fic

    Contains: 2nd person erotica, bad semi-philosophical rambling, pointlessly colorful writing, non consensual furry transformation and sex, transgender bullshit

  • Identity Rules

    contains: Graphic descriptions of suicide, force femming, identity replacement(mindwipe), transformation, body horror(insects) Sorry this took so long, we were dithering on other projects on and off for the last few months. How can it matter who he is? He is one among billions of people, all of whom have their own desires, needs, wants, and…