Foxes Make Poor Pets

I was meeting with a girl I had just met. She’s dark and mysterious, and very tall. Her dark brown hair cascades over her shoulders, bright violet eyes shining out from under her bangs. She wears contacts to achieve that.

She had collared me, recognizing my interest in pet-play like it was written across my face. She said all the right things and showed so much interest in me. When her hand slipped down to caress me, I found myself squirming into it.

Her home is impressive from the outside, a clean brick house with immaculate gardens set in the front. She opens the door and hugs me, before dragging me into a living room, comfortable couches set around a modest entertainment system.

“I’ve got to get ready, but feel free to relax in here” She says, I nod and say that she can take her time, and she disappears upstairs.

A fox lopes into the room, examines me for a moment and jumps up on the couch next to me, sitting down on the cushion next to me.

It speaks with a deep voice, “I take it that you are the new familiar?”

“Uh” I try not to panic.

“I’m really speaking.” It looks at me, “And I should tell you the story about my time with mistress”

Back before I got my fur coat, I was not that dissimilar to you. Well, I mean, I dunno if you’re trans but whatever.

I met her at a bar after finding her profile on a dating site. She showed up in her witch’s hat. I thought that was very cute at the time. She bewitched me, and we hit it off like crazy.

In no time at all she gave me a collar and a pair of fox ears. Maybe my profile picture, my fursona gave her an idea of what to do, but before the end of the night I was leashed and led around this house.

It was fun that night, she asked me if I’d be her familiar for a while, and in the hazy afterglow, I said yes. That was my first mistake and success in this.

“So… this is you now?” I scratch my face absently, feeling something soft there. I shiver at the sensation and I tug at it, ouch.

“For the moment; we’ll see how long it lasts” Her eyes flash that deep amber color that most foxes seem to have and I forget the foreign sensation on my skin, “I think you should hear more”

When I went to work the next day I could hardly focus, I kept on thinking about her. She texted me over lunch to ask me to come over again that night.

When I came back to her home, she placed the fox ears on my head. The sensation of wearing them was easily forgotten. She led me around outside the back yard on a leash, having me move around on all fours, sniffing the ground. Naked, behind a high fence.

She asked if I wanted to pee and I looked at her askance, “Too soon?” She asks smiling.

“I’m not sure I’m into that.” I said.

“Are you telling me a fox like you is going to use the toilet?” She said. There was something in her eyes that cowed me, and I did what she suggested, relieving myself in her yard. Of course, most foxes just do their business wherever they like, regardless of inside or outside.

“Kinda gross isn’t it?”

The fox grins, showing her teeth, “Well, that’s an interesting attitude for a cat to have.”

“I’m not a cat”

The fox sits up straighter, extending her arm and rubbing my head, I feel something on my head, the obvious thought appears, ears.

I rub my head, feeling for my human ears, but they aren’t there, and the softness is definitely fur.

“Her magic operates on transference sometimes. Some people have something other than humanity to fall back upon. People like you or I”

I had fallen asleep that night without taking off the ears, and as you just found on yourself, I could only find the fox ears. My blood chilled in my veins. I shook her awake, grabbing her with stubby fingers and claws.

She looks at me, I feel her frustration at having been woken, “What is it, my little vixen?”

“Am I supposed to work like this?”

“Give it a shot” She said, going back to sleep.

I went into work that day. They saw my ears and my claws, how I was unable to focus on anything at all other than her. She was my anchor now. My boss suggested that I take a sabbatical, and I accepted her advice.

I moved in with her later that day; I could see the direction the wind was blowing.

“So she’s doing this to me now?”

“No, that’s me. I managed some study myself, and I’m tired of being a pet.” The fox smiles, “Don’t worry, I’ll leave you more at the end than she did.”

I woke up the next day a foot shorter, and she was a foot taller. I could feel the fur coming in and my nose stuck out further. She towered over me now.

I lied in bed that day, feeling trapped and useless, until she roused me for her own purposes, “You’re my familiar, I need you for this ritual.”

I tried to get out of bed, my legs were shorter than I expected, and they articulated differently. My tail got in the way and I closed a door on it.

She was sitting next to a small pot on a hotplate, she was wearing her witch hat. A bunch of geometry was scribbled on the ground, and a pile of offal sat on a tray over a plastic sheet.

I sat on the ground, waiting for something to do here. I watched her carefully, reading over her shoulder. She noticed and smiled, “I’ll teach you, don’t worry.” She points at different parts of the setup, “The basis of this is in geometry and thaumaturgy. Though, this ritual one cares for a haruspex aesthetic so you must also consult the entrails, despite it being unrelated to prognostication. We are so lucky to live in a time with butchers and refrigeration, otherwise this would’ve been so much worse.”

I found myself wondering what it would be to taste that

“So what will happen to me?” I ask the fox. I have to support myself with my hands to sit up like this. Haunches

“You’ll be her familiar.” The fox said smoothly. She could sit up, and was taller, “You’ll learn the art of magic and get in touch with your beastly side, as you are now.”

I am a greedy creature. I’m sure you’ve noticed that, or at least, suffered from it as I steal your humanity, but not all of it. I tend to finish off packages of snacks early; I’m demanding; I feel like I’m right. All the time. That translates into being a very insistent animal that knows what she wants.

After a few months, he came into the room, sitting down on the bed next to me, “I think you’ve learned enough to undo what I’ve done. I’d like for you to do that.”

I roll over and say to her, “But I’m happy where I am.”

“I think you are very frustrating.” She says, “It’s been fun, but I need a familiar that doesn’t drive me off the wall, I’ll bring you one and you can do it yourself.”

I laughed at her.

“You’re getting kicked out for being a fox then?” I ask.

“I guess.” She shrugs languidly, “Any thoughts?”

“Do I have to go down this route? I don’t think I want to be with someone like that?” I shrug, “I guess I don’t mind being more cat though. I’d rather be a bit more uh…. anthro”

“Well, I guess you could come with me.” The fox laughs, “I’ll just take something borrowed back for you then.”

Things change for me much faster and soon I’m nearly as tall as the fox. I hear a scream from upstairs. She smiles at me, “We should get going. She liked being able to reach the top shelf a lot.”






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