Coming In

I could feel my teeth setting in, but I couldn’t sate myself around her. Her thick black hair fell over her head in such wonderful sheen. I feel my mouth drooling, longing to taste her again, feeling a bit wet, but that would have to wait.

She smiled at me and led me in to her den. I smell her overwhelmingly. I must have her.

But not yet, and not without the teeth unsated, lest one sort of eating become another.

The dinner is nice enough, but it lacks the meat I need. ‘I’m anemic you know’ didn’t work on her, she already knew to cook vegetables high in iron, and season them. But that doesn’t sate me, no matter how filling and delicious.

The scent made me dizzy, my nose was coming in. Sticking out in front of my eyes.

She asks if I want to watch something with her, and I nod. The eyes come in, a dozen pupils scanning the movie, rendered painfully two dimensional. The sound track is nice, until the ears come in and the sound of the electronics begins to ache in my ears.

My fur comes in and I feel uncomfortable in my clothes, I squirm and wiggle, she smiles at me through the whole show and tells me “In a bit” when I finally give in and whine.

My claws some in and soon those clothes are torn, she laughs, reaching down— my tail comes in, and she grabs it.

I yelp. I need her, I whine, she runs her hand from my neck down my back, her hooves clacking and scratching my back. I plunge my tongue deep into her mouth, and we kiss and taste. She tastes like something I love to eat.

We move to the bedroom, stumbling together in a merged mass, inseparable. She pushes me down on her bed, her antlers rub against my stomach as she licks so very deeply, every crevice that I have. I shudder and close my thighs around her head and neck. I wrap my legs around her and shudder around her tongue.

I pull her up onto the bed, tumbling over her clumsily, she knows I’m a clumsy bitch and still loves me.

But still I eat her and tear her to shreds.

I make pancakes in the morning and she stumbles into the kitchen, her hooves clacking against the floor, and wraps her arms around me.