Author: Violet

  • Skill Issue

    Apologies to Kit ❤️

  • I Thought I was Chasing You

    I thought I was chasing you. When I saw you for the first time, your dark brown hair in the golden light, the softness of your smile and the brightness in your eyes, I knew I had to have you. I was hungry after all. I chased you around until you were turned around. Somehow…

  • The Maiden in the Flesh

    She speaks in a voice of honey and gristle.

  • Foxes Make Poor Pets

    We should get going. She liked being able to reach the top shelf a lot.

  • Just Telemetry

    Making a better imitation wouldn’t challenge it if she did want that, but, it knows that that lack of some ‘humanness’ was one of the things that she cherished in it.

  • Coming In

    I could feel my teeth setting in, but I couldn’t sate myself around her.

  • Retrospective on the S3 Bridge for iRODS

    I am rapidly approaching the end of my time working on the s3 bridge, and I sit here with a pile of problems and a number of successes. On one hand, I have a reasonably performant project with a relatively low overhead, that happens to work fairly well on the limited operations that it set…

  • 2nd person tf fic

    Contains: 2nd person erotica, bad semi-philosophical rambling, pointlessly colorful writing, non consensual furry transformation and sex, transgender bullshit

  • Tired

    I’ve been feeling very tired lately. I think that’s understandable when people are shooting up my people because of blatantly false information(that they almost certainly know on some level is false). My position on firearm ownership has become far more inclined to say that I should have one. So now I do, and I carry…

  • Discontent

    Shi scratches hir face, frowning as hir hand runs across the still too human contours of hir jaw. Shi looks at hir hands and rubs them, sore. Everything was coming up fine, according to hir doctors. Things proceeding slightly quickly, not outside the error bars of the average range though. Hir ears were pointed, longer.…