Author: Violet

  • Vixen’s Vision

    This Story contains substantial sexuality, transformation, and implied mind control. I would say that this is inspired by Anti-Oedipus but it’s more concurrent with a reading of it.

  • Nondecomposable

    I was to see the future of the world and the world threw itself apart rather than subject itself to my gaze.

  • A Single Pass Ouroboros

    Contains: Cannibalism, butchery, torture, self harm, as a metaphor for deriving sustenance through the deconstruction of one’s own past, transformation

  • Suited

    A dense egg dons the mask Contains consensual non-con. Suiting, “possession”, transformation, medical misconduct, medical roleplay

  • Skill Issue

    My wings ache and my back still feels weird.

  • I Thought I was Chasing You

    I thought I was chasing you. When I saw you for the first time, your dark brown hair in the golden light, the softness of your smile and the brightness in your eyes, I knew I had to have you. I was hungry after all. I chased you around until you were turned around. Somehow…

  • The Maiden in the Flesh

    She speaks in a voice of honey and gristle.

  • Foxes Make Poor Pets

    We should get going. She liked being able to reach the top shelf a lot.

  • Just Telemetry

    Making a better imitation wouldn’t challenge it if she did want that, but, it knows that that lack of some ‘humanness’ was one of the things that she cherished in it.

  • Coming In

    I could feel my teeth setting in, but I couldn’t sate myself around her.