Returning to simple-dots-game after a while

It has been a while since I worked on this game. And after being away for a while, I can’t really see the sources of frustration that I felt before. They were probably residual feelings from the frustration of getting it to a functional state and figuring out the system.

But there’s something that was missing. The game on the android store is far less generous, and I must assume that it weights against cycles being created by new dots. It also has a smaller board which is probably more likely to be the cause of the difference in scores and cycle prevalence.

Currently it checks a small section of the board to see if the addition allows a cycle, but it is not very smart, and it should be possible to check for any cycle. But there’s a point where that just seems petty. So I added another color to the other 4, purple(and also lightened up the blue so you can see its label).

What the game looks like now

As you can see I haven’t really figured out what to do to improve the overall experience.

You can find the repository here if you missed the link earlier 🙂



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