Weekly journal(6/13-6/18)

This week was spent working on writing the configuration_hook_manager’s code. I have started working on writing tests.

The primary issues that I have run into have included moving between machines and the performance issue with my desktop’s harddrive substantially slowing the work that I am doing.

msiModAVUMetadata is a complicated little micro-service that I’m not sure about. It seems kinda weirdly designed as a function to be called, but it does feel like you’re using some little bit of imeta.

I have added a flag into my build+test script in order to allow specifying the tests you want to run.

Right now I need to add the configuration reloading code back to the cron thread, it’ll just use SIGUSR1 as a trigger to enable it. That might not be necessary, as the configuration is indeed being reloaded.

Currently I am having trouble getting the test to finish, and there is a conspicuous lack of logs related to the specific failure. Python’s lack of ahead of time syntax checking is annoying






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