iRODS progress report 6/3/2022

What’s been done

  • Development environment copied to laptop and working.
  • Using shared_mutex to synchronize access to the server_properties object
    • [x] Server compiles
    • [x] Server tests run successfully without adding regular calls to server_properties::capture
    • [ ] Server tests run successfully with calls to capture.
  • [ ] Integrate calls to capture back into the cron system

Problems run into so far

  • I didn’t have vim installed on my laptop
  • The build script was set to use the 16 cores on my desktop
  • After adding the shared_mutex it still crashes when capture was called

What’s next

  • use –leak-containers to keep the container up for long enough for me to muck around in when running the script it and see what happens. Alternatively I could use to just stand up a server.
  • Investigate where the map() function is called on server_properties. It might be a good idea to do away with it if this is preventing thread safety.





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