iRODS daily report(6/15/2022)

I have continued to work on configuration_hook_manager. It is slowly coalescing into something that can truthfully said to compile. There are a few issues that I have to figure out, such as how to handle nested properties, and whether or not dispatching every event to every hook makes sense from a performance point of view(okay, fine it won't matter yet, but it might one day).

Another point in this design is that it does not currently measure changes to nested objects such as advanced_settings in a manner that I find satisfying, namely, anything inside it has to watch for changes on its own.

Much of today was spent trying to get the development/testing environment working 100% again. The build script now manages to clean up everything from previous invocations, and takes options to skip rebuilding irods or the number of tests you want to run at once(I can't run 16 at once, my harddrive is too slow for that, but 2 works).

But as I write this, I'm not sure this is the right action, I think it might not even need the configuration hook manager for the immediately desired outcome of this(making testing faster by eliminating reloads).

I have yet to attach the SIGHUP handler to the reload mechanism. And I still need to talk to J about their ideas for this.

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