Daily report(6/21)

Today I started by deciding to work on what I anticipate to be an especially complicated bit, the authentication system. Later on in the day, I admitted I should work up to that, so instead I’m looking for low hanging fruits.

One of the first things I have found is that the changes in the server_property object are not being recorded adequately. I have fixed this somehow.

I have added ‘/’ as a subobject path character in msi_get_server_property.

The first option that I investigated as to replacing the calls .restart in the tests is test_delay_queue. So far it appears that it may be using the restarts to do things beyond changing settings in many places.

Tests where .restart was replaced with .reload_configuration

  • test_sigpipe_in_delay_server
  • test_delay_queue_with_long_job (no)
  • test_exception_in_delay_server
  • test_static_peps_can_delay_rules_without_session_variables
  • test_session_variables_can_be_used_in_delay_rules_indirectly
  • test_delay_block_with_output_param__3906
  • test_delay_queue_connection_refresh






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