Daily report(6/16/2022)

Work continues slowly on the configuration_hook_manager. I moved my installation over to an ssd, so now development is happening faster.

At some point I should look into running an lsp server from inside the irods builder, I might actually be able to get good completion and navigation.

I have moved the configuration update logic so that it reloads every loop from the main thread. This may need revision or further amendment in other main loops.

The next thing I need to do is writing tests for this, and then revising the existing tests to use this instead of .restart() when possible. There are three places I would like to see work, some basic delay server properties, and some agent server properties that are relevant.

I don't think a more comprehensive JSON differ would enhance the abilities to satisfy the needs of the server thus far. If something like that is necessary it shouldn't be too hard to adapt it.

The tests will require the usage of a rule to query the server_properties of the server. So I have written a microservice called msi_get_server_property which allows it to query it. With luck it will permit the tests to avoid all the timing issues reading the log is susceptible to.

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