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Contact: violet dot white dot dammit @

Open Source Projects

  • Pykanban(2021-2022)
    • Language: Python
    • Description: Pykanban is a kanban application written in Python and Qt with substantial task management features
    • Features
      • Qt Interface
      • Substantial customization
      • Tree View(For visualizing what tasks are dependent)
      • Queue View(Lists open tasks with no outstanding dependencies)
      • Task Categorization
  • Img-genner(2019-2022)
    • Language: Common Lisp
    • Description: An image synthesis library in common lisp
    • Features
      • Polygon rasterization
      • Image ‘Glitch’ effects
  • Cataclysm-DDA(2016-2017)
    • Language: C++
    • Description: A roguelike game set in a recently post apocalyptic deranged future America with lots of Zombies.
    • Contributions
      • Contributed enhancements to the user interface
      • Contributed enhancements to the automotive system
  • Timetracker(2021-2022)
    • Language: Python
    • Description: Timetracker a productivity measurement software to categorize time spent on the computer
  • iRODS(2021,2022)
    • Language: C++, Python
    • Description: iRODS is a set of data management middleware designed for data and metadata management with an emphasis on automating its management
    • Contributions
      • Implemented features to enhance scalability(implicit remote)
      • Improved availability of the backend
      • Implemented unit tests for new functionality
      • Improved CLI tool
  • Plume(2019-2021)
    • Language: Rust
    • Description: Plume is an activitypub compliant blogging software, that means that it automatically federates status updates to thousands of other known sites on the Fediverse.
    • Contributions
      • Fixed bugs in blog federation
      • Added some moderation tools such as blocklists
      • Implemented syntax highlighting for code blocks

Technology By Familiarity

I’m not going to say what I’m a ‘master’ of. I’m going to rate these languages/libraries/tools based on the frequency I use them.

Very FamiliarC/C++, Common lisp, Python, Scheme, Git, Sqlite3, Linux, Bash, Ocaml, SQL, Prolog, SDL, SFML, Raylib
Fairly FamiliarJava, Javascript, Rust, Windows, C#, Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL Server, FORTRAN 77, OpenGL
Peripherally FamiliarDocker, docker-compose
UnfamiliarReact, Angular