Daily Report(6/10/2022)

Today I have been investigating enhancing the reload() method with a list of difference objects. So far this has been relatively simple to implement.

Next week I plan to figure out the design of what will become the configuration_change_hook_manager facility, but let's go through some preliminary thoughts

  • The hook should be addressed by the configuration property's name.
  • The hook should have the new and old values passed to it.
  • The hook manager should be invoked on the list of changes to the configuration
  • configuration_hook should follow a builder pattern as the cron_manager's cron_task does
  • It should make noise about unhooked configuration changes in the log
    • This is important for debugging and properly informing admins about the potential issue not restarting their server might cause.
    • It might be worth adding a configuration option to make it error out when a configuration change isn't able to be handled.
  • I should talk to J about this since their work is likely to intersect it.

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