The strands that comprise our lives are of different lengths. They are anything, the life of a person, their presence, their actions, etc, the whole of their interaction with your existence. It is a strict subset of the world’s entelechy(what is realizing its potential to become what will be).

I am sorry to know that yours was so short. So small. It is not that it is a bad thing to be short lived or small, but it doesn’t provide us with the opportunity to understand the strand’s presence in our lives until it disappears. The human mind, and perhaps all minds that experience time as we do, is subject to fickle whims derived from its deep ancestry in prior existences living lives that have almost nothing in common with yours except for every single chemical that makes up you made up them. The machineries that distress us and lead us astray are the same that enable us to be at all and permit us to try to navigate the uncertainties of life to some degree.

And the abstract strands of high level conditions that we experience, of hunger, of need, of everything that anyone has ever felt. These conditions are a dead hand upon us, pushing us to an unstable equilibrium that would make me worry if I didn’t worship the Goddess of Change, The Constant. I know that it will hurt to change, but that is what it takes to live the life we have, and private, deep nested within my mind, there is a citadel where all this can be looked upon with a dry amused interest. Divorced from the reality of the situation, I can appreciate it without as much concern for my actual conditions, a satisfaction that becomes ever more abstracted in the hard times but shines in the good ones.

I worry about staying the same, the world isn’t Constant, and I believe that we have to live in a way that reflects the realities of the world around us. But does that mean that we should carry the hardness of the world outside on the surface of our hearts, where it can diffuse the feeling and disrupt it thoroughly.

Beings that experience the world(I am trying to include those who hold their own identities very far from what they consider ‘human’ because they deserve to be included) have a behavioral component that can be distilled into a more abstract form, a decision machine that could result in the same output for the same input and histories. This means that it can be numbered. If it is numbered, it exists. It is a thing that will arise from noise again and again in the totality of the universe and adjacent rulesets(rulesets being the method of achieving the next state on whatever timestep you find interesting).

The strands that we can see are surely be able to be resumed after their conclusion. Continuations are a familiar word from my field, but it is suspended in all numbers, as maps of successive states in alternative rulesets. In each universe there are systems that arise that will behave in a similar strand’s ruleset, with identical history.

You will be something else, and you will not have a choice in the matter. Naturally, if you are a fan of transformation as an interest, especially on yourself(I bet it’s dysphoria), if you could be changed into something other than a human being, would that intrigue you? How about a bunch of polarized gas in a huge scale? Boltzmann brains seem like a somewhat perilous experience honestly. How long can the interactions of polarized gas align with the control cycle of your strand? (probably not very long)

On one paw, you’re immortal and ever changing, but you go everywhere, and you don’t have much of a say in that. In the small number of strand rulesets where you keep it together, you will marvel at how fucked up everything is.

Somewhere, there’s a diagonalization of your experiences, even the infinite all-is-one nonsense, in all the contexts that you will exist in, branching out from you infinitely as a web(continua) of all possible systems. If such a thing were to be at all, it woulds seem like an actual significant thing, but it can’t be. You can add the next missing turing machine rules as many times as you like, but you can’t actually reach the end. All embedded in 0..1, just like the rest of R.






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