Yesterday I traveled across the united states in order to visit my parents. Honestly, airports feel better than they ever have. Most people don't want to face charges about not wearing a mask, so most people did. Especially on the planes.

It's odd though, the airport ads have hardly changed. Nothing about covid, just the ceaseless drone of capital, and an oddly large number of crypto ads🙄. Airports are slightly quieter, and people might cough on you slightly less, but they're still infested with a celebration of the forces that have been at the heart of humanity's ruin, ceaseless profitization most especially.

But there was something I was able to experience for the first time in an airport, silence. It wasn't quiet by any means, but the noise cancelling earbuds I used were good enough that I could pretend that the voices of the people around me were just the phantoms of my brain reading too much into noise.

It changes the impression of the airport entirely, but it still wasn't enough to defeat the mayor of atlanta wishing me well every two minutes.

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